Dance-game engine

october 2005 - december 2006

Development of a Bust a Groove-like game engine for mobiles phones. Adaptation for Ilona universe (a French singer for children) in 3 levels, one per song.
Project made in J2ME (Java for mobile phones, now renamed Java ME), based on a karaoke framework.

Game principle

The player enters key combinations that are displayed in rhythm with the song, in order to make a character dance. The more the player succeeds, the more the combinations become complicated, the more the dance looks cool, and the more points are gathered.


  • Reactive environment: the more the character dances, the more the level is animated

  • XML-scripted tree for dance steps

  • Adapted to many different devices (low, mid and hi-res graphics)

  • Recording of player stats and highscores (speed, accuracy...)

  • Worldwide player ranking is made available on a web page, using the mobile connexion.