10Tacle Studios Belgium

10Tacle Studios Belgium was an ambitious video game studio focused on the development of AAA games. Unfortunately, it had to close in 2008 due to the bankrupt of the 10Tacle group. Some of the former team members founded Fishing Cactus, some others are now working at AMA Studios and at Softkinetic Studios.

Urban Race

june 2008 - july 2008

A multiplayer racing game inspired by free-running, featuring violent takedowns and adrenaline boosts.

Gameplay programmer, part of the networking team (3 programmers). Achieved most of the multiplayer stuff in about one month, thanks to Zoidcom network library. Also implemented the motion blur effect appearing on adrenaline boosts.

A video trailer was released just in case a publisher would want to invest a little in order to finish the game: enjoy watching!


october 2007 - may 2008

Introduction, from former official website: “Totems is a spectacular super-heroic action platform game with tactical elements that lets the player magically transform the world to fit their own style and skill level.

Gameplay programming for combat and AI systems within a team of 5 people (4 programmers, 1 designer).