Neopica is a video game studio based in Ghent, Belgium, led by two industry veterans. I worked there for 2 years, on 3 published games.

The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes Wii

february 2010 - august 2010

Introduction, from Neopica's website: “Finally the age-old question can be answered: which is the superior gender? The results could surprise you - maybe it is time to rethink your ideas about the other sex! The gals and guys take turns in fun activities not traditionally associated with their genders: will the ladies get lost at mapreading? Can the men paint their nails? Just pick one of the ten zany stereotypes and play one of the 25 minigames to find out!

Programming of the Wii version (4 programmers). Published in Germany (DTP, Das Duell: Männer vs. Frauen, October 2010) and in the UK (Mastertronic, December 2010).

America's Next Top Model Wii/DS

march 2009 - december 2009

Introduction, from Neopica's website: “Look for America's Next Top Model for Wii and DS in store near you soon! As a debutante top model, you enter a tough competition to become the world's new Top Model. The rich, engaging story and an opulent 3D world are sure to grab your attention as you play through the game's ten weeks of shopping, catwalks and model-to-model intrigue!

Main programmer of the Wii version, helping hand for the Wii/DS common features. Game published in Germany (DTP, February 2010) and in the USA (Crave Entertainment, July 2010).

Pet Vet: Marine Patrol Wii/PC (UK title)

november 2008 - january 2010

Introduction, from Neopica's website: “The life of a wildlife vet awaits! In My Vet Practise: Marine Patrol, you have a chance to be appointed the new caretaker of a high-tech coastal rescue centre. Many types of marine wildlife require your aid: Oil spills, strange illnesses and chemical toxins plague the seas every day. Without your help, many animals could perish! Luckily, you can help. In a great variety of different fun minigames, you will learn to diagnose and treat all these animals.

Programming of the Wii/PC version (2 programmers). The DS version was created afterwards using a totally independant code base. Published in Germany (DTP, Meine Tierarztpraxis - SOS am Ozean, September 2010) and some other countries (France, UK, various titles).