DC Studios Canada

DC Studios was a Montreal-based developper, working mostly for the Nintendo DS. I went there for a 6-month graduation placement. DC Studios' former CEO then founded Firebrand Games.

Thrillville: Off The Rails DS

february 2007 - july 2007

Work performed during my graduation placement.

Development of two mini-games for DS version of Thrillville: Off The Rails (check reviews on Gamespot and IGN). The game was published by Lucas Art in October 2007.

  • Whack-A-Wombat is a simple Whack-A-Mole-like.

  • Sparkle Pop is a darts games taking place in the Sparkle Island universe, a mini-game of first Thrillville occurrence.

All the mini-games (up to 11) are running in full 3D.

Designed also lots of part of the system common to all mini-games (such as intro, outro, pause), and gave help for some of the main game elements (soft keyboard, menus).

Whack-A-Wombat Sparkle Pop