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Somehow it's been more than ten years than people pay me to make games. Here's what I've done professionally so far.

Arkane Lyon

july 2013 - now

That's where I work these days.

We're wrapping up Deathloop:

Deathloop cover art

Previously we made Dishonored 2:

Dishonored 2 cover art

And a standalone expansion, Death of the Outsider:

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider cover art

My responsibilities were mostly revolving around the combat AI. But that's more than 4 years of work: something hard to sum up!


march 2012 - july 2013

TriOviz was an innovative startup founded in 2008. It conceived and developed a unique technology allowing the broadcasting of stereoscopic 3D content on any classical screen. The venture was bought in 2013 by Volfoni, a leading worlwide manufacturer of 3D technology.

The main product was the TriOviz for Games SDK, a stereoscopic 3D middleware for video games:

Middleware explanatory diagram

My role was to develop the SDK and help game development teams to integrate it in their engines.

Ubisoft Montpellier

february - november 2011

There's no need to introduce Ubisoft. I worked for their studio in Montpellier as a Gameplay Programmer on Rayman Origins:

Rayman Origins cover art

My achievements include the chest pursuit sequences, the world map navigation and various small gameplay elements.


november 2008 - august 2010

Neopica is a small video game studio based in Ghent, Belgium, led by two industry veterans. I worked there for 2 years, on 3 published games.

The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes, a collection of mini-games based on (not very subtle) gender stereotypes:

Cover art

America's Next Top Model, the video game adaptation of the eponymous TV show:

Cover art

And My Vet Practice: Marine Patrol, probably a collector game seing how rare the mentions of it are on the Internet. A nice little collection of minigames anyway, if you ask me:

Cover art

These are all small "budget" games, so I worked as a handyman, multi-purpose game programmer.

10Tacle Studios Belgium

october 2007 - july 2008

10Tacle Belgium was an ambitious video game studio focused on the development of AAA games. A significant part of the team worked on Outcast a few years before.

We were making a game called Totems, but unfortunately the 10Tacle group went bankrupt before we could release it:


I worked as a gameplay programmer on this title, mostly on combat AI. This was my first "real" job in the games industry.

DC Studios Canada

february - july 2007

DC Studios was a Montreal-based developer. I worked there as an intern gameplay programmer, for a 6-month internship. We made the Nintendo DS version of Thrillville: Off The Rails:

Cover art

If you ever play this (?), know that I programmed 2 of its mini-games: Whack-A- Wombat, and Sparkle Pop.


august - december 2005

Mobivillage was a company specialized in web content for mobile phones. I did my first 6-month game programmer internship there, at a time when they just bought a start-up called Newt Games. So they were doing some game stuff for feature phones of the time (hello, J2ME!), like this cute dance game:


So, this is how I started my career. It's been quite a ride since then 😅