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Here are a few games I've developed for jams over the years. The Ludum Dare Compo games are made by myself only. The others are collaborative work: follow the jam page links for full credits.

Beneath the Duck Face

april 2014

Move the duck to the finish with the chat. All connected people play together!


may 2013

The Flood is over and Noah's Ark got stranded. Something's wrong with the animals though.

El Conejo

january 2013

The great wrestler El Conejo likes fighting... a lot. He loves that so much that it is what makes his heart beat.

Princess Keeper

december 2012

Rise towers, imprison princesses, watch knights trying to destabilize your protective custody. Be a real villain, don't let them succeed!

Tiny Quest

april 2012

The Prince is lost in the tiny world of Imanok. Help him find his princess with your mighty arrow keys.


january 2012

“We won’t tolerate the dictatorship of one snake player anymore”
Abraham Lincoln, 1860

You like the good old game of "snake"? Turning left and right, growing, staying alive the longest you can? But how would you feel about sharing the control... with the people?

Lone Kitty

december 2011

Lone Kitty is having bad dreams. Help him to have good dreams again with your keyboard arrow keys.

Appetite for Extinction

january 2011

Gods get bored so they challenge each others on a regular basis. Today, Ray the Evil challenges all the gods to be as evil as he is. The rules are simple, multiply a living species and extinct it, the whole thing in a minute. Competitors have 30 seconds to create as many creatures as possible and then have to be able to kill them all as quickly!