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Somehow people pay me to make games. Here's what I've done professionally so far.

Build A Rocket Boy

may 2022 - now

That's my new gig!

Build a Rocket Boy logo

Arkane Lyon

july 2013 - april 2022

I worked with Arkane Lyon for almost 9 years.

We made Deathloop.

Deathloop cover art

I implemented some of the core gameplay mechanics for AI and multiplayer, a few utilities for the campaign scripting, support for the PS5 Activities, and made a bazillion tweaks and bug fixes.

Previously we made Dishonored 2 and its standalone expansion, Death of the Outsider.

Dishonored 2 cover art Dishonored: Death of the Outsider cover art

My responsibilities were mostly revolving around the combat AI. But that's more than 4 years of work: something hard to sum up!


march 2012 - july 2013

TriOviz was an innovative startup founded in 2008. It conceived and developed a unique technology allowing the broadcasting of stereoscopic 3D content on any classical screen. The venture was bought in 2013 by Volfoni, a leading worlwide manufacturer of 3D technology.

The main product was the TriOviz for Games SDK, a stereoscopic 3D middleware for video games.

Middleware explanatory diagram

My role was to develop the SDK and help game development teams to integrate it in their engines.

Ubisoft Montpellier

february - november 2011

There's no need to introduce Ubisoft. I worked for their studio in Montpellier as a Gameplay Programmer on Rayman Origins.

Rayman Origins cover art

My achievements include the chest pursuit sequences, the world map navigation and various small gameplay elements.


november 2008 - august 2010

Neopica is a small video game studio based in Ghent, Belgium, led by two industry veterans. I worked there for 2 years, on 3 published games.

The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes, a collection of mini-games based on (not very subtle) gender stereotypes.

Cover art

America's Next Top Model, the video game adaptation of the eponymous TV show.

Cover art

And last but not least, My Vet Practice: Marine Patrol. A nice little collection of minigames anyway, if you ask me.

Cover art

These are all small "budget" games, so I worked as a handyman, multi-purpose game programmer.

10Tacle Studios Belgium

october 2007 - july 2008

10Tacle Belgium was an ambitious video game studio focused on the development of AAA games. A significant part of the team worked on Outcast a few years before.

We were making a game called Totems, but unfortunately the 10Tacle group went bankrupt before we could release it.


I worked as a gameplay programmer on this title, mostly on combat AI. This was my first "real" job in the games industry.

DC Studios Canada

february - july 2007

DC Studios was a Montreal-based developer. I worked there as an intern gameplay programmer, for a 6-month internship. We made the Nintendo DS version of Thrillville: Off The Rails.

Cover art

If you ever play this (?), know that I programmed 2 of its mini-games: Whack-A- Wombat, and Sparkle Pop.


august - december 2005

Mobivillage was a company specialized in web content for mobile phones. I did my first 6-month game programmer internship there, at a time when they just bought a start-up called Newt Games. So they were doing some game stuff for feature phones of the time (hello, J2ME!), like this cute dance game.


So, this is how I started my career. It's been quite a ride since then 😅