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Here's some seemingly structured stuff that could be helpful to others. 😊

AI Under Lockdown: Various Approaches to NPC Tethering

February 2024

In this article I'm going over different ways one can approach "NPC tethering", which is a commonly given name for the craft of maintaining video game baddies in restricted areas.

It's part of the first book in a new series: Game AI Uncovered: Volume One, edited by the wonderful Paul Roberts.

Photo of the article intro in the book (text voluntarily cropped)

Flooding the Influence Map for Chase in Dishonored 2

December 2021

This Game AI Pro article goes into details about an algorithm that we developed for the sequel to Dishonored. Quickly put, it's a simple and efficient technique that we used to generate convincing chasing patterns for NPCs trying to catch up with a player they just lost track of (the "chase" behavior).

I originally wrote this for the Game AI Pro 4 book but it unfortunately never made it to the printing press. After a few twists it was finally published online on the official website in December 2021.

Example diagram from the article

Taking Back What's Ours: The AI of Dishonored 2

February 2017

My former colleague Xavier Sadoulet and I talked at the GDC AI Summit 2017 about what we think is interesting in what we did on Dishonored 2. I specifically go over our rules system used mostly for barks and attacks selection, as well as our attempt at coordinating NPCs with an overarching AI dubbed "a crew".

Me at the GDC

If you speak French, I recycled parts of this talk (with some exta content) at an AI meetup in Lyon, it's right there.